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Anorectal Clinic में महिलाओं के गुदा रोग जैसे- बावासीर, भगन्दर इत्यादि का इलाज क्षारसूत्र विधी से किया जाता है

The Ksharsootra /Ksharsutra is a type of thread / medicated setone prepared by coating and recoating the thread 15 to 21 times with different drugs of plant origin. The mechanical action of the treads and the chemical action of the drugs coated on the thread, to gather do the work of cutting, curetting, draining, and cleaning the fistulous track, thus promoting healing of the track/ wound.

Fistula (भगन्दर)

Anorectal symptoms and complaints are common and may be caused by a wide spectrum of condition.Since many patients with symptoms related to anorectal region do not seek medical advice or attention. Anal fistula or Fistula â€"in-Ano is a common anorectal problem in which an abnormal connection develops between the inner surface of the anal canal and the skin around the anal verge..


Pathopysiology ( Why Do Fistula Develops )

Anal gland located between the two layers of the anal sphincter (muscle which open and close the orifice) and draining into anal canal are the sites where these Fistulae originate.It is a blockage of outlet of these glands which causes secretions to accumulate inside and an abscess can form which can eventually point to the skin surface.The track formed by this process is the Fistula.

Principles of Treatment

» To identify the Fistula tract or path with its internal and external opening.
» To destroy this Fistula path.
» To preserve function of anal sphincter (muscle which controls ability to pass stools)



Treatment of Fistula: KSHARSUTRA THERAPY

Acharya Sushruta (Father of Surgery) mentioned three types of treatment.

» General
» Surgical
» Para Surgical

General line of treatment includes mainly preventive & also administration of medicines orally. The surgical line of treatment has been described very elaborately. Para Surgical treatment includes cautery by thermal & chemical substances i.e. kshar sutra.


» It is O.P.D level procedure.
» Cost effective.
» Very less recurrence rate.
» Patient can do his routine work or duties from very same day of procedure.
» Cutting & healing goes simultaneously.

The aim of treating Fistula is to prevent it from occurring again with no damage to the sphincter muscle.




Piles/Hemorrhoids (बवासीर)

Hemorrhoids or Piles as is generally known is a very common disease. About 70% of the population have at some time in their lives suffered from piles or have had experienced some symptoms related to it. We will first try to understand what Piles / Hemorrhoids are. Piles or Hemorrhoids are actually, distended veins in the anal canal. Veins tend to stretch under pressure. When veins in the lower part of the rectum or anus stretch, swell or descend in to the anal canal, i.e. when they prolapse or protrude in to the canal they are considered as Piles/Hemorrhoids. The set of veins inside the rectum when distended result in internal hemorrhoids and the set of veins under the skin around the anus when distended result in External Piles. Some other factors also contribute to the prolepses of the veins. They are long standing constipation, leading to straining while passing stool, pregnancy, weakening of the muscles supporting the veins due to ageing etc. One may also have a hereditary tendency to develop piles.



If You Have Any Of The Following Symptoms You Are Probably Suffering From Hemorrhoids - Piles.

» Bleeding from the anus : after defecation (passing stool) during defecation during and after defecation usually without pain but in some conditions with pain.
» Constipation
» Itching
» Protrusion of a mass from the anal canal (can be felt digitally)

Diet For Piles Disease

» Drink plenty of water daily.
» Fish, Fresh and well cooked vegetables and ripe fruit should form a considerable form of diet.
» Salads, potatoes, beets Spinach, Asparagus, Cauliflower are effective and beneficial.
» Patient with hemorrhoids /piles should be avoid copious meals.
» They should rather eat often and sparingly.
» Alcoholic beverages, strong coffee and highly seasoned dishes should be avoided.


Piles Treatment

» Injection sclerotherapy.
» Band Ligation.
» Cryosurgery.
» Infrared coagulation (I.R.C).
» Stapler surgery (M.I.P.H).
» D.G.H.A.L.(Doppler guided heamorrhoidal artery ligation)
» Radiofrequency.

Hemorrhoids / Piles can be classified in two ways: Internal hemorrhoids / piles & External hemorrhoids / piles.



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